Friday, 19 May 2017

Stick People take over our forest!

In Forest  School  we had lots of fun making stickmen using googly eyes and resources around Forest School. We then worked in groups to make up stories and turn it into a play. My play was about a wedding that got ruined by Mr Evil but super stick came and saved the day! We chose to use the orchard because the stick couple wanted to get married amongst nature. We all shared the responsibility of making silly and fun sound effects. Emily 4CJ.

My play was about a soldier  who saved  the whole, entire world. He was in a jet and sacrificed himself for everyone. For the jet,  I used a plank of wood that I found in Forest School. I thought about the animation of how he flew the jet and how it could be made into a film. George 4CJ.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

We have bluebells at forest school!

Now we need to work out if they are native UK bluebells or foreign imposters! We will get our magnifying glasses out next lesson!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

6NA John Muir Projects

TWO of the projects have been completed, a week early, in forest school!
Firstly, how fantastic is Oliver's rotating, recycled wheel bird feeder!
Also take a look at Keira, Olivia and Melissa's wonderful bird house that is sitting happily on a silver birch tree, waiting for its first visitors!
Can't wait to see what projects are finished next! 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Welcome to QuadBlogging!

You have been allocated a brand new Quad. You will be Quad51 and the other Year 5/6 classes are located in America and the United Kingdom. Here are the links you will need to log onto their blogs and leave comments:

Rossmere school,  Ellesmere Port
Stocklmeir Elementary School in America – Their blog is
Eason Elementary – Their blog is

Let's get blogging! Looking forward to seeing all the comments from our new quad-blog school friends!

Here’s a video created by pupils in America, New Zealand and Australia about QuadBlogging:

Thursday, 23 March 2017

4CF Bridges by Jodie

Dear F.S Diary,
Last week in forest school we had to build bridges. We had to create mini bridges and large bridges. The mini bridges had to hold a toy dinosaur. The large bridge had to hold a teacher. Most of the bridges held the teachers some didn’t. There was also gardening we had to paint the borders.

By Jodie 4CF

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Building Bridges! 5JJ

Take a look at our BIG and small bridges! Some we made human sized, making them strong enough to hold our team. Some we made tiny for toys, to see which design was most successful. What do you think? 
By 5JJ

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Morse Code Secret Messages- Can you crack the code?

Can you work out what these dashes and dots say to find where the creature was hidden in forest school?

4CF created Morse code clues using sticks and stones, they did a fantastic job and all the creatures were found! Well done!

Oliver the Pond Whisperer!

Oliver has been living up to his nickname this week by catching 3 newts from the pond.
He said "One had a thin tail, the other had a thick tail and one had orange stripes." Oliver is going to research to find out what these characteristics mean. Can you find out before him?